Elevate Your Life in 2023: 10 Transformative Healthy Habits and Tips for a Brighter Tomorrow

Elevate Your Life in 2023: 10 Transformative Healthy Habits and Tips for a Brighter Tomorrow

Today, I’m going to give you ten healthy habits for a better life. Keep reading. We all want to live our healthiest, happiest lives, but with our busy schedules and with life always throwing the unexpected at us, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused. So today, I’m going to give you ten healthy habits for a better you and a better life.

1. Positive self-affirmations

Get your mind right first thing in the morning. Before you even get out of bed, tell yourself everything you like about yourself. Tell yourself everything you like about your life. Tell yourself that you are worthy of living a healthy, happy, prosperous life, and mean it. Get your mind right first thing in the morning with positive self-affirmations.

2. Drink water.

Drink water

Once you get your mind right, start getting your body right. I want you to drink a glass of water in the morning, preferably with lemon. Now, there are some benefits to lemon water. Lemon has vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system. Lemon water can also help decrease inflammation in your body. Have antioxidants. Lemon water has citric acid, which can help prevent kidney stones. So, drink water, preferably lemon water, throughout the day.

I want you to stay hydrated. Most people should drink between two and three liters of water. That’s anywhere from four to six 16-ounce bottles of water. Now, if you have a medical condition that requires fluid restriction, you don’t want to drink too much water. So, if you have heart failure or kidney failure, be sure to consult your physician. But for most people, two to three liters of water, at least, is what you should be taking to hydrate yourself. And you’ll know you’re well hydrated because you’ll be urinating frequently, and your urine should look clear, almost like water, just with a slight tinge of yellow.

Drinking water and staying hydrated can help to detoxify your system. It can help with your digestion, help to keep you regular. It can also help with your complexion. It can give you a clearer complexion. And staying well hydrated can help to prevent kidney disease.

3. Set daily goals.

Have a purpose for each day. I want you to write up things-to-do lists with both short-term goals and long-term goals. And I want you to set realistic deadlines for the long-term goals, because if you don’t, those things are not likely to be accomplished. A Purpose-Driven day leads to a Purpose-Driven Life, which is another healthy habit for a better you and a better life.

4. Exercise.

Move your life. Exercise improves overall cardiovascular health. It decreases heart disease. It helps prevent strokes. It helps to reduce blood pressure. It helps with weight loss. Exercise is the way. Now, you should be exercising for 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. What’s the matter? You’re not a gym bunny? Does the thought of putting on workout clothes just drive you crazy? Don’t worry.

There are ways that you can exercise without actually going to the gym. I want you to set a goal to do at least 10,000 steps a day. You can get a pedometer or you can get yourself a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. You can even take that smartphone you have and download an app for a step tracker. Get at least 10,000 steps a day.

There are ways that you can do that. Instead of getting a parking space right there close to the grocery store, park farther away so you can get more steps in. On your lunch breaks at work, take a walk around the building. Use the stairs better than the elevator. I want you to exercise as a healthy habit for life.

5. Eat healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods, putting the proper fuel in your body, will lead to weight loss or getting to a healthy weight. It will reduce heart disease and stroke. It will improve your memory. I want you to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of many different colors. You may have heard the term ‘eat the rainbow.’ You see, fruits and vegetables with different colors have different nutrients, which fuel your body in different ways.

So, I want you to eat nutrient-dense greens. I want you to eat whole grains. Infuse with omega-3 fatty acids. Cleave with vitamin D. I want you to eat foods that are lean proteins like fish. Use healthy fats, use olive oil. Low sodium should be a part of your diet. Eating healthy foods is part of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Stop smoking.

Cigarette smoking is such a huge cause of mortality and poor health that I would be remiss if I did not ask you to stop smoking if you are a cigarette smoker. Cigarette smoking causes emphysema or COPD. It increases the risk for heart disease, increases the risk for strokes, and yes, cigarette smoking does cause lung cancer, but it causes many other cancers as well. Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for uterine cancer, for cervical cancer, for kidney cancer, for colon cancer. I could go on. So, if you are a cigarette smoker, please consult your physician for strategies so that you can stop smoking for a healthier life.

7. Learn something new each day.

This is one of my favorite ones. I want you to always be learning. Keep your mind sharp. Read a book every day. If you have low vision, listen to an audiobook. Do crossword puzzles. Watch engaging and intellectual programs. Have a conversation with someone who you think is totally different from you and see what you can learn from that person, and what you can learn about yourself. Learn something new each day to promote mental health.

8. Self-care.

Take a little time out of each day for some self-care and some self-love. Take care of you. It could be getting a 10-minute nap. Get a massage. Get your nails done if you like. Dancing, why not? Turn the music up and dance like no one’s watching if that’s what makes you happy. Do it. That’s self-care. You can meditate. You can turn the phones off. Take time out of each day for self-care. Don’t do it for everyone else all the time. Learn how to tell people no. Self-care is a healthy habit for a better you and a better life.

9. Proper Sleep.

Sleep properly

you should be getting about seven to eight hours of sleep each night. When you have sleep deprivation, that causes an increase in anxiety, an increase in stress, a decrease in your immune system.

Proper sleep is a healthy habit for well. Please click the link in the description to see my videos on stress where I go into more detail about sleep.

10. Positive reflections.

At the end of each day, I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself everything you did right. Say, ‘Way to go!’ Acknowledge and relive all of the moments that went well with the day. Stay positive. As for the things that did not go well, do your best not to stress. You’re not perfect. Tomorrow is a new day. I want you to wake up and go through this checklist of ten healthy habits for a better you and a better life tomorrow.

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